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So what exactly is a Health & Wellness Coach?

As a new Mom, if you’ve ever found yourself reaching for that second (or third) favorite comfort food, while on 3 hours of sleep, you know that changing unhealthy behaviors or thought patterns is far from easy! Especially with your new baby in the mix. It takes more than knowledge, experience, and insight to make lasting change. Working with a Health & Wellness Coach could be the missing link to you realizing your healthy Mama vision.

As an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach, I specialize in behavior change and partner with my clients as they navigate the transformative life transition of becoming a Mother. I ask powerful questions and offer insightful reflections to support you in connecting to your unique intrinsic motivation. I serve as a non-judgmental accountability partner as you work toward self-identified, realistic goals that build on your strengths and align with your values. I partner with you to explore potential barriers and blind spots, and identify solutions to help you realize and manifest your vision of health as a new Mom.

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