I’m Abby – National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
As far back as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to the healing and helping professions. This strong interest led me down the path of getting a BA in Psychology and later a MS in Occupational Therapy. As an Occupational Therapist for 12 years, I worked primarily in Mental Health settings, supporting patients through 1:1 and group interventions focused on coping skills, healthy habits, and value, strength-based goal setting. As a lifelong dancer and yoga student for the past 27 years, I bring an embodied perspective to my coaching to support my clients in connecting to the wisdom that their bodies can bring to the process of change and transformation.
As a result of my own health struggles – GI, Autoimmune issues, and Postpartum Depression & Anxiety – I have come to believe in a holistic, root cause approach to health. Our current healthcare system is quite limited when it comes to treating chronic disease which include conditions that are largely linked to lifestyle. Let’s be honest, making behavior & mindset changes is hard! It takes more than knowledge, experience, and insight to make changes that are lasting. Health Coaches play a role that bridges the gap in the current system. Working with a Health coach could be the missing link to you realizing your vision of health & wellness.
As a National Board Certified Health + Wellness Coach, it is my passion to partner with clients as they realize and manifest their unique vision of health. Through mindful listening, perceptive reflection, insightful inquiry, and compassionate accountability, I hold space for my clients to envision new possibilities and connect to their intrinsic motivation for change. I meet my clients where they’re at on their health journey, explore barriers and blind spots, identify solutions that build on their strengths, and support them in working toward realistic goals that align with their values.

If you want to make your personal vision of health and happiness a reality, I’d be honored to support you!

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